R60 Coffee Roaster




R60 60kg batch capacity commercial coffee roaster meets the requirement of artisan coffee roasting for medium volume production facilities. This model is perfect for a medium-large industrial production. It has a fully professional profile and a heavy-duty design for quality roasting and reliable operation.R60 coffee roaster has a capacity of 60 kg per batch.

You can roast and cool simultaneously, because it has separate motors for each function. R60 commercial coffee roaster roasts continuously while cooling takes place outside the drum. It is easy to load green beans into the hopper with fast load design of green bean loader.

R60 collects the chaffs coming from the roasted beans by means of a cyclone. Beans reaching the cooling bin are separated from the chaffs before dropping and after the cooling can be processed immediately. You don’t need to clean the chaffs out of the roaster between roasting cycles, because the cyclone is external. It is also easier to clean the coffee roaster when using an external cyclone. You can roast non-stop. Chaff collector needs to be cleaned after several cycles.

R&R Roaster a You can roast sequentially without brake. Chaff collector needs to be clean after number of roasts.nd Roaster R60 coffee roaster has been designed for optimal and high efficiency heat transfer and distribution. Our sophistication on coffee roasting brings the unique drum design which has homogeneous, constant and stable bean roasting at each batch.

R60 has industrial motors and equipment for long lasting and heavy-duty roasting process. You can run the machine for 24 hours 7 days.

Low Nox Premix Burner operates with the lowest emissions. and highest performance of available burners.  Power and energy are worldwide concerns for environmental health. Five global environmental problems exist: climate change, acidification, eutrophication, atmospheric deposition, urban air quality, and tropospheric ozone. NOx is one of the important pollutants in the above environmental problems. R60 is equipped with the most efficient premix gas burner. Our burner is a clean heating source, providing maximum efficiency in gas burning and minimal emissions of Carbon Monoxide. It is safe, economical and stable, the flame control parameters allow complete control over your roast. Digital control unit allow you to increase or decrease the flame (thermal power).

R60 is equipped with USB Modbus data-logging connection. Ready for Artisan. It has thermocouples to record bean temperature and exhaust temperature.

Control panel has digital thermostat for both drum and exhaust thermocouples to set and monitor temperatures.



Sizes w x l x h : 315x330x325cm
Exhaust pipe diameter : Ø168mm

Electrical Service Requirements

Voltage & Frequency : Three Phase 380 / 400 50hz 60hz
Power : 10kw/h
Electric Current (Ampere) : 30A


Exhaust airflow : 550m3/h
Cooler airflow : 800m3/h


Batch Size : 60kg/batch
Production : 240kg/h


Fuel type : Propane, LPG, Natural Gas, Electricity
Gas pressure requirement : NG 20Mbar –  Propane, LPG 30mbar
Source Gas Pressure : 1-4bar

Data Logging

Artisan Connection : USB


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