YSL55 The Unlimited


Our FREEDOM YSL55 design is a “bigger than freedom” approach to minimalist design with a big impact. With its extremely thin profile face width of only 25 mm in the locking section, a completely concealed exterior/ventilation frame and recessed rail solutions connected to the building structure, the system provides endless visibility, ease of use, maximum comfort and security.

System Characteristics

  • Minimal design for modern architecture.
  • Impressive transparency and maximum light penetration.
  • Exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Wide open spans maintain the sleek minimal look.
  • The expanded range of tracks fulfills countless architectural desires.
  • Possibility for floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall frames.
  • Designed handle and multi-point locking system.
  • Roller system that allows smooth sliding and operation.
  • Ideally suited for luxury residential and commercial environments.

More performance, more comfort
When it comes to performance, we strive to deliver the world’s best results. It
performs exceptionally well, providing optimum thermal and acoustic comfort while
resisting time and harsh weather conditions all over the world.