FREEDOM YSL1006 is one of the largest lifting and sliding systems in the world. An awe-inspiring achievement for contemporary architecture around the world! The attractive and effective thin frame lines create an extremely refreshing atmosphere with excellent
thermal insulation. Facial width that provides greater visibility and light flow, recessed threshold offers high comfort and ease of access. Suitable for the most demanding architectural projects, the system offers all-glass corners as well as 90° open corners that
require no structural space. This next-generation system meets the most extreme performance requirements and is suitable for virtually anywhere in the world.

System Characteristics

  • Ultimate high-end look grants freedom.
  • Wide-span structures are perfectly fulfilled.
  • Exceptional performance for virtually all environments.
  • All-glass corners as well as 90° open corners are possible.
  • A complete range of tracks.
  • Impressively smooth sliding and easy to handle.
  • Minimal design for modern architecture.
  • Impressive transparency and maximum light penetration.
  • More flexibility in locking.
  • The Hotel Solution meets the higher standards of hoteliers.